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Cerrito Gallery began its activity on March 28th, 1982 with the name of "Diseños". On its first stage the gallery exhibited Edigio Cerrito and Rafael Cerrito’s works, until August of 1999, when Edigio Cerrito dies. Since year 2000 changes its name in homage to the painter and reappears as "Cerrito Gallery", having by logo the master’s signature. From that moment the gallery opens to all kind of painters and different art’s trends.

Important painters from Córdoba like Mantegani, Ledda, Avataneo, Izurieta, Curet, Linzoain, Brito, Olocco, Warde, Lemme and younger ones like Dayer, Halabi, Martínez Achina and Niz make the gallery becoming prestigious.

Gallery purposes are: to diffuse and promote the diverse kind of trends and languages of present-day art. It also promotes new values inviting emerging painters to exhibit their works, also participating on fairs or local shows in Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina, supporting painters from all over the country.

At back store there are many works of famous painting masters who illustrated the art history of Cordoba.

Monthly individual and collective shows are organized. Also work’s certifications and valuations are made.

Since February of 2007, "Cerrito Gallery" ends a cycle and begins a new one. Located in the historic centre of Cordoba City, develops its activities leaded by its Art Director by its Art Director Rafael Cerrito, Dra. Aidee Valiente and Sra. Lidia Karnath as Director.

The purposes are the same, but extending the horizon to languages and contemporary techniques, conserving the best of previous stages and incorporating national plastic’s new trends.

San Luis 145 Local C - Bº Nueva Córdoba - Córdoba CP 5000 - Argentina
Te: +54 0351 - 5980382 / 5980381
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